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For $US donations 

What your regular donation could achieve*:

£4 per month will keep a child at school.

£5.00 per month will send a teacher on a training course.

£40 per month will keep 10 children at school. 



What your single donation could achieve*:

£50 will educate a child for a year.

£60 will send a teacher on a training course.

£680 will provide cricket kit for a school and team clothing for 22 players.

£2000 will construct a cricket pitch.

£47,000 will build a Resource Centre with computer suite, science laboratory, library and meeting hall/resource room.



* Prices as of September 2018. Subject to variations in exchange rates and inflation.


Complete and send in this form. 

Please help us to educate 3000 children in our community based schools which give access to education to children living in very remote areas. For just £50 a year per child, you can change their opportunities for ever. From midday on 3rd December to midday on 10th December donations will be doubled through our Big Give Christmas Campaign to fund  1200 of these children through a year of school. 


  • Other ways to give

    Please send cheques payable to Afghan Connection to:

    PO Box 4296, READING, Berks, RG8 1BJ


    Afghan Connection, HSBC account number 21216376, Sort Code 40-36-03,  Reference, your name. 



  • Your donation is safe with us

    How can we be sure no money goes missing?

    AC's partner is the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA), an NGO which has been working in Afghanistan for 30 years and is deeply respected by the Afghan people.

    Funds are directed through SCA. This ensures no corruption and good value for money. SCA has built relationships with locals and with contractors and they supervise the work. They never pay bribes and keep projects within budget.  AC has worked this way for 15 years.  

    Are there other donors contributing to my chosen project?

    AC has funded 46 school constructions since 2002. We have donors who contribute a whole school and others who contribute partial funding for a project. 

     AC never starts a project until we have all the required funds in our account. This means that we sometimes have to wait if we receive partial funding for a school, but also ensures that we never have to give up half way through a project.

    What feedback can a donor expect?

    AC is always working to improve its reporting mechanisms for donors along with the SCA. We send regular updates on school construction projects and annual updates on our Takhar Education Initiative. 

  • Due diligence

    “Afghan Connection (AC) will undertake all reasonable steps to exercise due diligence to establish the source and status of donations, grants and payments, making every reasonable effort to investigate the provenance and ensure that these funds do not derive directly or indirectly from illegal activity.  Philanthropic support will be in line with the mission, values and operation of the charity.  Where necessary, AC will extend research beyond the information supplied by the donor, in order to identify, monitor and reduce these risks.  Information obtained will be documented and confidentially stored for 6 years”.