Campaign for Siaab School


Siaab School

The proposal is to build a new building for the girls. The land already exists. The project will comprise 10 classrooms equipped with chairs and desks, 4 admin offices, 2 storerooms and a 260m surrounding wall. The project will also include 10 latrines and a well.

Both the girls and the boys will have their own separate buildings and so children will have access to 2 available shifts. This means that all students will be able to benefit from a proper school day.

A new separate school for the girls, with a surrounding wall, will encourage parents to let their girls stay in school beyond grade 6 and also persuade more parents to send their girls to school in the first place. As a result fewer children, especially girls, will drop out of school and more will complete an education.

The cost of the project is £241,585

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